High effort biz and natural fear of customers

Opportunity is everywhere in software:

These are not hyper innovative ideas, and each have been implemented already in some fashion. Despite this there appears to be no company dominating these. Why not?

Employees, and customers.

Employees need to be cared for, and customers need to be supported. This means a meticulously organized back office of solid managers that can also mobilize an effective customer support team. A team that actually helps people.

This business needs to be competent in marketing, and have a decent sales team. Avoid patent trolls, and other legal liabilities.

After proving it could navigate those aspects, the business “just” has to scale.

These things are all part of any successful business, and reiterate the truth that software is a fraction of even software businesses. Opportunity knocks, but if you really enjoy software then it might not be your oyster.